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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ice-cream Cake

Made this a few days back.
I think it's looks pretty, and tasted good too.
It's hard for an ice-cream cake to taste bad :-)
Makes one 3" high 6" diameter cake.
I'd say enough for 6-8 people.
Very easy to put together.
I baked half of a chocolate cake from a boxed mix. I wanted it to be flat and thin so I baked it in a baking sheet.
I used a 6" dia and 3" high Wilton springform pan to build the ice cream cake in. And once the chocolate cake was baked and cooled I used the pan like a cookie cutter and cut out 2 circular layers - one for the base and one for the lid (the rest of the cake was chopped up and used for another dessert but you can cut out more circular layers for a taller cake).
I had Baskin Robbins make me a 6" waffle disc (65 cents only) - I wanted to use that a crunchy center. Sadly it didn't stay crunchy :-) In retrospect I think I should have dipped it in tempered chocolate and let it harden before using it sandwiched between ice-cream.
I used a quart of OREO Cookies 'n Cream ice cream from Baskin Robbins (use what ever you love!)
I let it sit on the counter for a few minutes until it became soft.
Now lets build the cake!
Place the bottom layer of the chocolate cake in the pan.
Scoop out half the ice-cream and spread it over the cake.
Now place the waffle in position and spread the rest of the ice-cream over it.
Seal the deal with the chocolate cake disc.
Freeze for about 30 mins.
After 30 min I un-molded the cake and decorated it with some un-sweetened whipped cream on the sides. Then I poured come chocolate ganache on top and decorated it further with chocolate shards made from tempered chocolate.
Chocolate Ganache
1/2 cup heavy cream
9 oz. of dark chocolate bits.
Gently warm up the heavy cream in a double boiler and add the chocolate bits into it. Stir until chocolate dissolves completely. Let this cool to room temp before pouring it on the cake. Freeze the cake for another 20 min at least or until ready to serve.
Some more pictures.


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