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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gajjar halva with khoya

Takes forever to make.
Totally worth it.... sometimes :-)
(Serves 6-8)
(Prep time: 8-9 hrs)

You will start with about 20 oz of coarsely shredded or matchstick carrots. If you used very finely shredded carrots your halva will be very mushy and will stick to the pot a lot. A gallon of whole milk. 2 cups of sugar, 4-6 pods of cardamom (whole) and I throw in a stick of cinnamon for extra yumminess. All in the biggest pot you have over med high heat. Keep stirring after every 15 mins or so specially when the milk is half gone. Don't be hasty and turn the heat up. The milk will burn and ruin the whole thing. Patience is the name of the game!
I have posted pictures of the halva in different stages. It took me around 8 hrs from start to finish!
When the halva was done I took out the cinnamon and the cardamom. Then I added a stick of unsalted butter (8 Tbs) and stirred it for 10-15 mins. Lastly, I turned the heat off and added 1 cup of khoya and mixed it all well. Some people also like to add chopped nuts and raisins at this point.
finito.... phew!!!
This dessert is best when eaten warm.


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