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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Class today

Another incedible day! Fantastic people and great food... always a good combination.
Thanks a ton Ginny and Anna :-) You guys rock!

Visit for more info about class schedule.



  1. Anonymous19/4/10 10:46

    Such a great class! I learned so much. You are truly a gifted cook and teacher.

  2. it was awesome! if you just subtract that little bit of extreme micro management in the beginning. i know you were feeling heated, i was about to call some friends to keep her occupied in the storefront. either way, it was totally cool

  3. Thanks a lot. I am so glad you enjoyed the class :-)

  4. Hi Nabia- Anna here. Had to let you kmow that I made the Shahi Palak Paneer on Sunday (from class) and it turned out great. Absolutely delicious. My husband loved it as well. Thanks for the recipe and keep them coming.