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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sacher Torte

We had a beautiful sunny day today. Had a great big breakfast at Roxy's Diner in Fremont... and came home to this! The original sacher torte all the way from Vienna Austria. It came in the cutest little wooden box and the cake had a chocolate seal on it... coolest thing ever!

A late gift for my sweetie for his 30th!


  1. Wanted to post soon so I remember! I would love a Malai Kofta recipe. You have my email from the class (and it should be in my profile too right? maybe not since I don't have a blog) Also, that is so cool that you got Sacher Torte from Vienna! I actually got to eat it there once at the actual hotel! Isn't it good?!

  2. The Sacher Torte was absolutely lovely and you are lucky you had it in Vienna!

    I will email you the recipe shortly (over the this weekend).

    It was amazing meeting you, maybe you would want to share your pasta recipe on my blog?

  3. Anonymous3/7/10 02:58

    hi Nabia this is sarwat from GIKI...hope u are doing well. I got this blog address from atif...i am not sure whether i am suppose to write here...:) kindly let me know ur email address so i can get in touch with u on that. i am sending my email on atif's facebook msg inbox. It was lovely to see u...and this cooking blog seems good...i will definetly try one of the dishes. take care...

  4. I could share the recipe. Is the best way to do it through comments or is there another way? I guess I could just email it to you so you can post it too...