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Sunday, June 13, 2010

таратор - Tarator (Bulgarian cold soup)

Quick and refreshing, a fantastic cold soup from Bulgaria. This soup is eaten chilled and sometimes ice cubes are added to it. I served this in a cute little ice bowl, which I lined with slices of cucumbers. I think it looks fab!

Following is a basic recipe that I found over the net. Feel free to change the ratio of any ingredient to better suit your taste buds.

And if you know how to make clear ice please tell me. I double boiled distilled water and it didn't work. I read somewhere that water needs to freeze in thin layers for clear ice. Does anyone know a better way?

(prep time 10 mins)
(serves 2-3)

Plain yogurt 2/3 cup
Fresh Dill 1-2 Tbs (chopped coarse)
Walnuts 2-3 Tbs (chopped)
Garlic 1/2 tsp (minced)
Cucumber 1 large (peeled)
Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil 2 Tbs
Water 1/3 cup
Salt 1/3 tsp approx


Blend yogurt, water, half the cucumber and the garlic in a blender until smooth.
Take out in a bowl and keep aside.
Dice the left over cucumber into tiny bits and add to the yogurt.
Add the dill and walnuts.
Season with salt.
Drizzle some olive oil on top.



  1. The trick to making ice freeze clear is to do it very slowly while agitating the water. Commercial ice for carving is made this way. I'm not sure how you made your bowl. You might try filling up a bowl shape and covering it well on top with insulation, then put that in the freezer. Keep checking on it and break up any ice that forms on the top.
    The middle part will freeze last so if you check it often enough that you can pour out the middle after the outside has frozen, and you will have a bowl.
    Or you can probably find an ice sculptor who will supply you with ice bowls if you really want them crystal clear.