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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Class today

Just came back from another fabulous class.
I so love doing this and the best part is meeting all the great people!
Thank you Katy for helping me out today :-) I hope you get to go on many more cooking trips!
Juliana... you have such great energy and I wish you all the luck in finding the right gal for your friend :-)
Great meeting Devin and Elaine....  and in case you were curious "Asalam-o-alikum" is how you would say hello in Urdu :-)
Thank you all for coming today and making this day special :-) I hope you learned a lot and happy cooking!


  1. Thanks for teaching it, it was great. I learned several things, including that I know more about it than I thought I did, which is encouraging. I am so getting fenugreek leaves!

  2. :-) I am so glad to hear that! Lemme know how things turn out, you're a pro with spices already!

  3. I am crazy about cooking, so yes, spices are the magic! I have part of my recipe collection online, for when you happen to be fishing for them.
    I'm excited to try making paneer with milk inst4ead of directly from yogurt like I've tried in the past! Thanks for the tips and the amusing stories.