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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Minty Mango Salsa with Crystallized Ginger

A delicious quick and easy salsa great with fish tacos!

(makes about 2 cups)
(prep time 15 mins)

Mango 1 large (cut into chunks, choose a sweet ripe mango) - you can also use fresh pineapple
Mint leaves 5-6 (cut into thin strips)
Red pepper 2-3 Tbs (chopped fine)
Red onions 1 Tbs (chopped fine)
Green onions 2 Tbs (chopped fine)
Cilantro 1 Tbs (cut into strips) - optional
Jalapeno 1/2 Tbs (minced) - optional
Fresh ginger 1/2 tsp (minced)
Crystallized ginger 1 tsp (minced) *Raw foodists raw crystallized ginger recipe 
Juice of 1 fresh Lime

Mix everything together.
Allow to refrigerate for a few hours for all the flavors to combine.
Enjoy :-)

Following is not my creation but a great sounding recipe I found on the net.
Posting it here for the sake of completion.
Original source:

Raw Crystallized Ginger
Submitted by evergreen
Servings: 1 cup

1 cup Medjool dates, about 12 pitted
1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger
1 organic lemon, zest only
.33 cup date sugar, can be made by dehydrating and grinding dates

1. process dates and ginger till smooth.
2. pulse in lemon zest and about 1/4 cup sugar till stiffened.
3. roll into 1”log.
4. wrap in food wrap sprinkled with additional sugar and place in fridge till firm.
5. slice into desired pieces and coat with more sugar.


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